In this brilliantly color print a Mahi Mahi (Dorado or “Dolphin fish”) works a clump of sargassum while feeding on flying fish. The detail in this print is fascinating — a closer look reveals tripletail, seahorses, sargassum fish, filefish, juvenile jacks, and other small critters found along offshore weedlines.

This fine art print uses professional, fade-resistant Giclee inks and premium-quality paper resulting in a beautiful, fully archival work with incredibly fine detail. The Giclée process employs water-soluble pigments rather than the dye-based inks and will not fade for more than 75 years. These prints are available unframed or framed as an open paper print 11 x 14″ (Frame A), limited edition paper print 17 x 23″ (Frame B), or limited edition canvas print 22 x 30″ (Frame C) and 36 x 48″ (Frame C).

Ships directly from the artist.