At Slickfish we believe in the Skunk Ape, Snookapotamus, the Green Flash and the Man Upstairs. We believe in three sheets to the wind, two false casts and one shot at glory. We believe in wanderlust, woodsmoke, and the fragile wonder of wild things. And, most of all, we believe responsibility can kiss our keester because we’re going fishing.


You feel it, even now, don’t you? The urge to chase wild fish in open spaces. We feel it, too. In fact, this site is a side effect of a life spent chasing game fish around the planet — from freshwater rivers to Gulfstream depths to our wild and beloved Everglades. The handcrafted art on these pages exist to celebrate an unrivaled passion.

At Slickfish we count ourselves blessed to represent some of the world’s most talented angler-artists, call them friends, and share their gifts with fellow fisherfolk. We’re adding artists and angling-inspired gifts at a brisk rate, so check back often. And before you go take a look at our growing line of swag, including our one-of-a-kind fishing tees.

So it’s said, we are a bootstrapped, family-owned outfit. Which means we’re accessible, necessarily humble and ready to serve. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Best Fishes,