New Artist Q&A

What is, and what do we do?
Slickfish is the definitive online gallery of angling-inspired art. We’ve consolidating a broad and eclectic mix of angling art that we actively promote to a wide variety of potential customers, including anglers, their friends and families.

Who can sell artwork on Slickfish?
At our discretion, only those artists whose work meets the quality standards and focus of our online gallery.

What we can do for you?
At Slickfish, we serve as a marketing agent for your work. We’ll design a page for each of your creations, write descriptions (with your direction and input) that describe both you and each piece of art you sell on our site, promote your items using a variety of paid and organic marketing techniques and handle all e-commerce transactions.

What about pricing and our commission rates?
We charge a 30% commission fee for each item sold.

Who will set the retail prices for your art?
You set final retail prices for your work that include your cost and profit margin and our commission.

What’s our policy on shipping and related fees?
You, the artist, will be responsible for shipping and processing returns for each piece of your artwork we sell. You will define a fixed shipping amount for each of your items. We ask our artists to use a Priority mail provider (2-3 day delivery), though you can offer extended timeframes for customized artwork that takes longer to create. Customers pay for shipping of returned items, as well as a restocking fee. See our Shipping Policy page for more information.

Why do we use fixed shipping fees?
Varying shipping fees often cripple online retailers who represent remote suppliers, since disparate items being sent from multiple locations can complicate the check-out process, create extremely high shipping totals and lead customers to “bail out” before closing sales. A fixed fee tempers those costs and simplifies the e-commerce process. You may wish to adjust your retail prices to cover shipping fees that may exceed this fixed amount.

How much does it cost to join
There is no annual fee to be a Slickfish member at this time.

Do you need to submit any inventory?
No. You keep your own artwork and mail it to customers. We use high quality digital images (which you provide) and descriptive copy (which you can provide or which we can create) to promote your work.

How does the Slickfish sales and fulfillment process work?
When we receive an order for your artwork, we’ll send you an email with the buyer’s shipping address so you can ship the item(s) to the customer. You ship the item and track it, informing us once it is delivered so we can monitor the 7-day return period.

How will you get paid?
Slickfish makes electronic payments to our artists via PayPal so you must have an active PayPal account. We will submit payment to your bank account via PayPal on the 15th of each month for any items sold and delivered during the prior month (this 15-day pause before payment makes an allowance for returns).

What does Slickfish need from you to post and sell your artwork?
We need the following to make you an active Slickfish artist:

  • an emailed reply indicating that you agree to our terms
  • quality images (see below) of each piece of your art we have agreed to sell
  • a fixed shipping fee for each item
  • a realistic shipping timeframe for each item
  • an (approx) 50-word description of each piece

What are our standards for image quality and descriptive text?
We are picky about the quality of the images we receive, since high quality photographs are essential to successful online sales and promotion. Our minimum standard is 1000 pixels on the longest side of each image. We also believe that detailed, engaging text sells product, and we specialize in crafting lively copy. If we’re not satisfied with the text we are sent, we reserve the right to edit it for style without altering its basic meaning.

Can I sell my artwork in other galleries, either brick-and-mortar or online?
Absolutely. At Slickfish we don’t ask for exclusive sales rights—though we do require that you never sell your artwork elsewhere online at lower prices.

Is your e-commerce system safe for buyers?
Very much so. We use PayPal as our e-commerce engine and our shop/gallery is protected using SSL encryption. The strong security of the Slickfish system ensures the safety of each buyer’s information.

How many items can I sell on Slickfish?
Due to the specific focus of the Slickfish gallery, we only sell artwork of clear appeal to anglers, and – more specifically – pieces we choose from your body of work that complement our overall selection. Our emphasis is not on volume, but rather on an interesting mix of unique works that complement the site’s focus.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still join?
Yes. Slickfish will promote artists from outside the U.S. whose work is consistent with the focus of our site — provided they can accommodate buyers both outside and within the United States.

What is the process for signing up and getting my artwork posted on Slickfish?
Send us a web address or digital samples of your work. If your work is a good fit, we’ll define the pieces we’d like to represent, and then we’ll send you an emailed agreement with our terms. We’ll ask you to agree to the terms  with a  simple emailed reply of “Yes, I agree.” We will also need high-quality images of each piece we’ll promote as well as product descriptions (or, if it’s easier, a link to a live webpage featuring this information). We’ll then design your product pages and send them to you for review before they go live.

Can I stop selling my art on Slickfish at any time?
Provided there are no outstanding orders to fill, you can ask us to take your product pages down at any time.

What do we value most in the artists we represent?
Dependability. Orders that are not filled directly affect our credibility. Only commit to selling artwork which you have in stock and ready to ship.

Will Slickfish sell original art or reproductions?
We’re open to selling both original art and reproductions, provided the artist is a trustworthy provider and their work syncs with the site’s focus.

How will Slickfish (and your art) be promoted?
We promote Slickfish via social media campaigns, organic and paid SEO efforts, links on related sites and advertisements in select angling and angling-related publications and websites.

What should you expect?
Not much, initially. Though we have extensive experience marketing art online the Slickfish gallery is brand new and it takes time to rise up search engines, see significant social media traffic and develop a solid brand. Unlike some online galleries, we will not overstate sales projections. But we can assure you that your work will be presented in a clean, compelling manner by a company committed to being the premier online gallery for angling-inspired art.

Have additional questions not addressed here? Contact us here for answers.