Drove up to western Carolina with the family last week with dreams of clear water and big trout all up in my head. Arrived to find that a long dry spell had reduced local rivers and creeks to a warm trickle. Well, crappola. Fished anyway and scored a few panting rainbows that came to the net without a fuss. Rain was in the forecast so I waited patiently for my shot at larger fish. Cold beer was involved. Then the rain started…and never stopped. The river below us became a roiling brown torrent that swelled over the banks, flooded local roads and buildings and swept old ladies off of front porches. OK, so I made that last part up. As a last stab I hiked to a small local creek — before it too succumbed to the endless rain — and scored a few gloriously colorful little brookies. My shot at big browns and rainbows was delayed but the memory of those valiant little trout soothes me. Or so I tell myself.

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