Many years ago a red-and-white bobber was tugged below the surface of my grandparent’s pond and I was, well, hooked. Those scrappy little bluegills kicked off an enduring passion, and I’ve spent many of the following years chasing fish in memorable places — from freshwater rivers to Gulfstream depths to my wild and beloved Everglades. I never seem to get my fill.

So it stands to reason, I suppose, that my wife and I would create Slickfish — an online art gallery that exists to celebrate anglers and the game fish they pursue. At Slickfish we count ourselves blessed to represent some of the world’s most talented angler-artists, call them friends, and share their gifts with fellow fisherfolk. Their skill at capturing timeless moments on the water never ceases to amaze us. Have a look for yourself. And check back often as we’ll be adding stunning new items (and one-of-a-kind fishing tees) at a steady rate.

So it’s said, we’re a lunchpail-toting, family-owned outfit focused on creating happy customers. We’re accessible, humble and ready to serve, so feel free to contact us at any time. Oh, and if there’s a devoted angler in your inner circle we’d sure appreciate a referral.

Best fishes, folks.